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ADE’s Learning Without Walls™ Program
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As part of its mission to educate and empower communities, the Alliance for Digital Equality™ (ADE) has developed innovative digital education and training programs for deployment across the nation.  Our premier program is Learning Without Walls™ (LearningWOW).  It includes secure online communication among students and teachers, classroom management tools, coaching for teachers, and afterschool online tutorials for students K-12, introductory college level and workforce development training for adults. Teachers post resources, assignments with due dates and monitor student communications.  Under LearningWOW operational procedures, students post assignments, communicate with other students, teachers and create blogs.  This is all done within a safe environment via a school defined community.  In the classroom, student computers can be monitored from the teacher’s computer to ensure each student is keeping up with the assigned lesson plan.  LearningWOW tutorial provides homework assistance in the areas of math, science, social studies, and English. This innovative tutorial is offered to English and Spanish speaking students and utilizes broadband technology to research reference materials and receive online homework assistance from live tutors who are available for live chat tutorial services 7 days a week, 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM. In our efforts to ensure there is a strong foundation on how to incorporate broadband tools into their curriculum, coaching is provided to each participating teacher.  The LearningWOW program also provides the students’ parents with access to an Adult Career Center for workforce development and job search preparation. 



The ADE has implemented the LearningWOW program in Atlanta through Clayton County’s Public Library System for Clayton County Public School students at North Clayton County Middle School, as well as in Charleston, South Carolina at The Charleston Development Academy.  This initiative provides students laptop computers with Internet connectivity so that they can access the program at home.  Atlanta’s LearningWOW initiative is aimed at enhancing student performance, literacy and self-esteem, while enabling families to obtain the career development services they need to thrive and remain competitive professionally.  Online collaboration, tutoring, career development assistance, homework help, GED prep, and resume writing are just a few of the free services being offered to the students and parents through the LearningWOW initiative.


According to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the International Society for Technology in Education, to compete successfully for tomorrow's jobs, today's students will need to learn to be leaders who can think creatively, work collaboratively and use technology to solve problems and take initiative.  This LearningWOW project is a part of ADE's broader education programming which explores the potential of broadband education technologies in helping students and their parents to succeed and prepare them to be successful members of the 21st Century workforce.  Access to the Internet provides students with enormous opportunities; wireless access anyplace or anytime extends the opportunities for 21st Century learning beyond the school day and the four walls of the classroom.


“This partnership clearly demonstrates that we will deliver real-time solutions to communities who have far less than adequate access to mainstream broadband technology — in this case, all public school students and their families based in one of the nation's most academically challenged school districts," said Alliance for Digital Equality Chairman Julius H. Hollis.  “We believe that providing access to this broadband technology will enhance their ability to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”


Chairman Eldrin Bell of The Government of Clayton County said, “Clayton County looks forward to the technological advancements that this project will afford our students, parents, teachers and the entire Clayton County community.  This partnership will certainly give us opportunities to excel and tap into broadband technologies through the utilization of the Clayton County library system as an empowerment pathway.  Our citizens will have a chance to benefit from the many services offered through The ADE Learning Without Walls™ project.”


“The entire North Clayton Middle School community is thrilled to be part of this innovative program to bring students the one-to-one instructional support they need to achieve their academic goals and lay the foundation for a successful learning experience,” said Clarence Jackson, principal of North Clayton Middle School.“

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About The Alliance for Digital Equality
The Alliance for Digital Equality™ (ADE) is a non-profit 501 (c) 4 consumer advocacy organization that serves to facilitate and ensure equal access to technology in underserved and unserved communities.  The ADE also serves as a bridge between policymakers and minority individuals in order to help the public understand how legislative and regulatory policies regarding new technologies can impact and empower their daily lives.  For more information on The Alliance for Digital Equality, please visit www.alliancefordigitalequality.org.


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