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The Alliance for Digital Equality believes the preservation and growth of America’s communities lies heavily on the access to new affordable technologies and services.  In 2007, The Alliance launched Project Digital Empowerment, a national grassroots campaign aimed at bringing together residents, community leaders, local and national organizations, and government officials to raise awareness for public policies that advocate for the deployment of affordable Broadband and Wi-Fi services in underserved communities across the country.

To expand on Project Digital Empowerment, The Alliance has implemented “Digital Empowerment Councils” (DECs) in Houston, TX, Charleston, SC, Detroit, MI, Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA and Chicago, IL. The objective of the DEC is to examine the impact of broadband access in local communities in the areas of education, economic development, civic participation, public health, and public safety. By localizing the “Digital Empowerment” issue, these councils have the opportunity to identify and discuss the potential socio-economic impact that access has on employment, urban development, health care, and educational opportunities in each location.

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Chicago DEC Members! Attend Chicago Summary Findings Event

posted 05/13/09 1:16 pm
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E-Health in your city

posted 05/13/09 1:31 pm
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