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The Alliance for Digital Equality is dedicated to strengthening communities through advocacy and the promotion of equal access to affordable broadband. In many instances, minority communities are left out of public policy discussions regarding the advancement and implementation of new technologies because consumers are not sufficiently informed about the policy implications, and may not closely follow routine regulatory issues and processes. The Alliance serves as a bridge between the policymakers and those who may not always follow technology issues in order to help the public understand how legislative and regulatory policies regarding new technologies affect them.

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Alliance for Digital Equality Congratulates President Obama on his Inauguration
posted 01/08/09 12:00 am
The Alliance for Digital Equality earnestly congratulates President Barack Obama on his inauguration as the 44th President of the United States of America. We a
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Broadband’s Role in the Healthcare Evolution
posted 04/28/09 11:00 pm
As reported in CongressDaily, a bill designed to aid in the nationwide adoption of electronic health records, especially among small, rural health care provider
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Partnering for Broadband
posted 04/30/09 11:00 pm
The Alliance for Digital Equality, Connected Nation, and Communications Workers of America recently joined forces to promote the benefits of broadband technolog
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